Educational process

An educational process of the faculty is successfully integrated in the global education in the context of the Bologna process by forming creative teaching and learning environment, creating modern informative and resourceful base, and preparing textbooks of a new generation.

Today the faculty has new tasks and development opportunities.  The activities of educators, scientists, Bachelor, Master's and PhD students are directed to enhance educational process, research activity, teaching development, and supporting creative attitude towards work.

Educational program and catalog of elective disciplines for the educational program for students of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the admission 2021.


Journalism EP 2018

6B03204-Journalism EP

6В03204 - Journalism CD

Journalism Bachelor's degree CED

Journalism Bachelor's degree EP

6В02122 CD - Publishing

Publishing Bachelor's degree 2018

CED Publishing Bachelor's degree

EP Publishing Bachelor's degree

EP Art Bachelor's degree 2019

7М03204 CD - Journalism

7М03204 EP - Journalism

CED Journalism Master's degree

EP Journalism Master's degree

7М03211 DC - International journalism

7М03211 EP - International journalism

EP International journalism Master's degree

CED International journalism Master's degree

8D03204 CD - Journalism

8D03204 EP - Journalism

EP Journalism PhD degree 

CED Journalism PhD degree

Journalism PhD degree 2019