The Department of Television and Radio and Public Relations was established on February 26, 2009.

The head of the Department is Candidate of Sciences (PhilologyDuisengazy Serikzat Maksutuly. 

Graduates of the department can work:

- television and radio presenters;

- in business journalism;

- media managers;

- producers;

- advertising agents;

- specialists in Public Relations;

- press officers of companies and corporations.

The Department of Printing and Publishing was established in 1998. A great contribution to the development of the department was made by the State Prize laureate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akhseleu Seidimbek.

The head of the department is PhD Shurentaev Amangeldy Meiramuly.

The department trains specialists:

- correspondents for newspapers and magazines;

- specialists of news agencies;

- literary media workers;

- editors of the media;

- technical editors of periodicals;

- advertising agents;

- book managers.

The Department of Political Science was established in 1999 to implement educational programs in political science.

The head of the department is Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences Gabdulina Bagysh Akhmetovna.

A graduate with a degree in Political Science may hold the following positions:

- politician - analyst;

- expert;

- adviser;

- image maker;

- conflictologist;

- political technologist;

- specialist in public relations;

- political consultant;

- specialist in foreign policy and

international relations.

- Lecturer in secondary and secondary vocational schools.