Department of TV, Radio and Public Relations

The Department of TV and Radio and Public Relations was opened by the decision of the University Academic Council in 2009 in response to the current demands of the Kazakhstan media market.

The department trains in the following specialties:

Bachelor's program:

"6B03204 - Journalism"

"6B03205 - Public Relations"

"6B03206  - Digital Media Management"

"6B03206  - Sports journalism"

Master's program

"7M050400 - Journalism";

"7M03214 - Communication with the public".

Doctoral studies

«6D0504 - Journalism»

Graduates of the department are in demand today in television production and on radio, in press services and PR departments of state and private organizations

The faculty of the faculty is 27 staff units, 21 of them in staff, 4 internal and 2 external part-time employees. Among them 1 Corresponding Member of the Eurasian Academy of Broadcasters, 5 professors, 3 Doctors of Science, 2 PhDs, 17 Masters.


The priorities of the department are: high quality of theoretical training; taking into account the needs of the labor market; practical orientation of training; cooperation with organizations and universities of near and far abroad, research work of teachers and students.

 For the implementation of educational programs, the following foreign professors were invited: Әbdiuáyap Kara (Mimar Sinan University (Turkey)), Hon Won Son (University of Russiastics, South Korea), Aydemir Okay (Istanbul University, Turkey), Tatiana Y. Lebedeva (European Public Institute , IEERP, Paris, France) and others.

The chair in different years was in charge of the academician of the Eurasian TV Academy, professor of the ENU GM. Shalakhmetov and Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor O.Turzhan, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Beisenkulov Ayazbi Akhbergenovich, PhD, professor Rystina Indira Sadibekkyzy. Since January 2020, the head of the department is docent, Candidate of Sciences (Philology) Duisengazy Seriksat.