On the scientific-research activity of the faculty

In the 2020-2021 academic year, undergraduates of the Department of Printing and Publishing have successfully conducted research work, in accordance with the plan.

The theme of the master's thesis of Zhakupova Indira Zhumabekyzy: "Theoretical and practical aspects of the genre features of Alash". Scientific adviser K.M. Allabergen. He conducted theoretical and practical work within the framework of his plan. For the theoretical study, the work of M. Koygeldinova «Alash kozgalysy», T. Zhurtbay «Uranym – Alash», edited by N.Omashev 10 volumes «Alash Kpsemsozi», «Kazakh Journalism» (1-volume), K.Allabergen, Zh.Nusypbayuly, «History of Kazakh Journalism» F. Orazaidina, «Kazakh» U. Subkhanberdina, «Aikap», «Birds of the year» T. Kozhajekeeva, «Kok sengirler», «Sara sozdin sardarlary», «Ulttyk sana sardarlary» K. Sak, «Alash murasy», «Alash kosemsozi» (3 volumes), «Formation and development of Kazakhstan publicism» B. Zhakyp and etc. Data on Alash's history of journalism were taken from literature and materials published in the periodical press. Prior to this, a scientific article and a portrait essay were published in the framework of the dissertation topic.

Master student Kalkabekova Akbota Aybekovna. Scientific adviser - professor Saule Esenbekovna. The theme of the research work: "Genre specifications and trends in the development of online journalism in Kazakhstan".

Based on the work of the undergraduate, a plan was created. Together with the scientific supervisor, work was carried out with scientific papers. According to the plan of scientific work "History and formation of Internet journalism in Kazakhstan" was written. Currently, research is being carried out on the remaining sections. An article entitled "Some Exceptions of Domestic Internet Journalism" was published in the republican quarterly magazine devoted to the history, theory, and practice of journalism of the Department of Press and Publishing at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science. Since most of the literature on the scientific work is written in Russian, work is under way to translate it into Kazakh. Currently, 50% of the scientific work is already ready.

Modern advertising includes psychology, culturology, journalism, political science, economics, linguistics and other specialties in all spheres of human activity.

Due to the fact that the need for advertising plays an important role in the development of the economy in our country, there is one more division - social advertising. Therefore, today it is very important to find out how public advertising in the media analyzes linguistic, genre and thematic aspects. In this regard, we have developed a plan for my scientific work. The first part of the study is called "Advertising in the Mass Communication System." It consists of two sub-items. The first subparagraph of the first part - "Formation and development of social advertising." The second subparagraph describes "genre, thematic features of social advertising". In these areas, research is still under way. Introduction of research on these topics. At work with the scientific project three articles are published.

Karimova Moldir worked on the topic "Sports Journalism in Kazakhstan: Trends and Development Prospects", got acquainted with the main scientific literature and published one scientific article. Head, Associate Professor A.O. Esdauletov. Published article: "International scientific and practical Internet conference" Humanitarian space of science: experience and perspectives "which took place in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Ukraine and published a scientific article:" Sports journalism: myths and reality "in the collection of scientific papers.

The theme of the master's dissertation is Sultanova Shakhnoza "Investigative Journalism: Experience, Problems, Trends and Perspectives". Supervisor: Associate Professor Bakteva Bakyt Tleubaevna. I studied scientific literature and wrote different articles. 50% of the work is ready.

Published articles:

In the quarterly Republican Journal devoted to the study of the history, theory and practice of the journalistic department of the press and publishing department of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science. The topic of the article: "The included surveillance as one of the widely disseminated and effective methods of journalistic investigation" - p.180.

Published material in the collection of the department "Television and radio broadcasting" ENU them. LN Gumilev, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Marat Barmankulov. Theme of the article: "Journalistic investigation on Kazakhstan television" a collection in print.

Participation in VII - international scientific-practical conference of ENU named after L.N. Gumilev. Scientific publication in the collection of the department of political science in the section: "Socio-political processes: problems and perspectives". The topic of the article: "Social role of investigative journalism in modern society".

        The research work of studying undergraduates at the Department of Printing and Publishing was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the university.