Education Program 7M03214 - «Public Relations»





Catalog of elective disciplines for innovative educational programs 7M03214 - "Public Relations"


03214 - «Public Relations»/Admission 2020


03214 - «Public Relations»/Admission 2019


Development Plan of the Educational Program 7M03214 - "Public Relations"


Program Level: Master 's degree

Standard period of study: 2 years

Review frequency:  2 years 

Awarded degree: Master of Social Science

Qualification level: 6 ҰБШ, 6 ЕБШ 6 НРК, 6 ЕРК / 6 NQF, 6 EQF


The Passport of Education Program


 Application area

 The educational program is designed for the training of cadres - masters in the field of public relations and creative workers for the media.

The code and name of education program

051400 - «Public Relations»

The regulatory and legal support

Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Education» / State Educational Establishment of Higher Education (23.08.2012, No. 1080), TUP of 05.07.2016); national framework of qualifications, normative methodological documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Profile map of education program

Objective of EP

the development of personal qualities, scientific and pedagogical and practical skills among master students, the formation of general cultural and professional competencies in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and employers, education standards in this area of training for masters.

The concept of education program

 The educational program regulates the goals, results, content, conditions and technologies for the implementation of the educational process, the evaluation of the quality of the graduate's preparation in this area of training, and includes materials that ensure the quality of training for trainees and the implementation of appropriate educational technology.

Graduate Qualification Characteristics

Awarded degree:

 Master of Social Science

List of a specialist’s positions


- Expert in Communication Studies;

- nformation analyst in state bodies;

- analyst-scientist;

- Head of Press Service;

- crisis manager;

- teacher;

- specialist or employee in the field of media and communications of various industries and forms of ownership.

The area of professional activity

 PR service and PR management, PR agencies and departments, press services and centers, communication departments, related information and communication fields (media, publishing houses, advertising agencies, educational establishments etc.).

The object of professional activity

government bodies, mass media, press services and centers, national companies (quasi-public sector), small, medium and large enterprises, own business, analytical centers, educational establishments.

Functions of professional activity


information support for the activities of government bodies, various structures, individual social groups and personalities; Public Relations; internal communication; image and reputation activity; analytical work on promotion in the market, branding, teaching.

Types of professional activity

information and analytical·         industrial and technological;

·         organizational and managerial; ·         social and organizationalteaching; entrepreneurial activity.